Team Angband

TAngband - Team Angband is a team-play version of famous roguelike game Angband. It was developed from standart version by Karl Peters and, later, Ilya Bely.

If you don't know what Angband is, you better have to visit Thangorodrim and play standart game (called sometimes as "Vanilla Angband") first.

Main difference between TAngband from normal Angband, that you are not lone adventurer, but control a whole team. Now size of team is hard limited four characters, but it will be changed in future versions.

It is development version, with all it attributes: lots of bugs, absence of documentation, etc... so you are warned.

Now, current version is 0.6.0 and it is available to download in tangband-0.6.0-src.tar.gz source form.

Check back here for a new version about middle of jule 2000.